Sunday, September 02, 2007

TCU -- Get Ready To Rock


That's the last time TCU beat Texas in Austin.


That's the next time TCU will beat Texas in Austin. As they say on the interweb, mark it down.

Based on the underwhelming performance of my Texas Longhorns on Saturday against Arkansas State on Saturday night, I don't see how the Horned Frogs don't roll out of Austin with the biggest win on Gary Patterson's tenure and the biggest TCU victory since they depantsed the USC Trojans in the Sun Bowl more than a few years ago.

And why is that? Well, this is the embarrassing part -- athletes. Check out this analysis by PB at Burnt Orange Nation. TCU just has better defensive personnel than the Horns. And that should never be. But it is.

And next weekend is going to suck.

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