Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Headed to Austin for SXSW

In between trips right now. Just got back from camping with Julia in West Texas, and I'm about to head down to Austin for SXSW. Technically speaking, I'm headed down to the Homeslice Music Festival, where I will be hanging with my friends Bret and Jennifer and their friends and business associates from Homeslice.

Homeslice brings it strong with a lineup that includes a bunch of bands I'm looking forward to seeing, including:

The Love Language
I'm all about their song Lalita right now.

Port O'Brien
This is another current earworm.

Say Hi
I skipped them here in Fort Worth last night.

Von Bondies
Really looking forward to these guys.

Dead Confederate
These guys are greatness.

Dead Confederate - "The Rat"

The Rosebuds
These guys don't get as much attention as they deserve.

Nice Fox from Kelly Rosebud on Vimeo.

Don't know much about them, but I'm interested to see them live to find out more about them.

Other bits of Austin bidness: hoping to hook up with Danny Mac for a beer, Paul Boll for migas at Sol y Luna, James for some home-grown Fort Worth film and Rick Poss to get caught up.

Bomared, Part 2

You might remember Rhett Bomar, the former University of Oklahoma quarterback who saw his career with the Sooners cut short because of his too-cozy relationship with an OU booster/Norman car dealer, which deprived us of more classic moments such as this:

No doubt you have been wondering what the young man has been up to. Fortunately, the good folks at D Magazine caught up with Bomar on St. Patrick's Day off of Greenville Avenue. As one commenter there put it, "Looks like the guy can do more than piss away a career."