Monday, September 17, 2007

She: Bike/Spoke/Love

Tammy Gomez got some much deserved luv from the Startlegram on Sunday. Her new play She: Bike/Spoke/Love premieres at 7:30 p.m., this Saturday at the Sanders Theatre at The Fort Worth Community Art Center (1300 Gendy St). And, in honor of World Car Free Day, admission is $3 for those arriving by mass transit, bicycle, walking, etc., $10 for those arriving by automobile. The 5th Annual Fort Worth Jazz Fest will be taking place nearby, so parking lots will be hard to come by. Bicycle parking, however, will be readily available. Please drop by and support Tammy!


a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

thank you for the props, Steve.

i've been so freakin busy prepping for the upcoming premiere that i haven't had time to hang in the blogosphere for many a week. lo and behold, tonight i found out that you got a BEST OF (FW Weekly) commendation as "Best Blogger".

kudos and congrats!


Steve-O said...

Congrats on your play! That's a real achievement!

a.k.a. sunlit doorway said...

Daddy mght not like his 10-year old daughter hearing "fuckin' clue" in the context of a song
about cars and capitalism, but otherwise, I'd
rate SHE: BIKE/SPOKE/LOVE as pg-13.

It is really fun, though.

Hope to see y'all tomorrow night.
Thanks for your interest, Steve!