Monday, September 10, 2007

Trinity Trees: What You Can Do

Dear Fort Worth:

You're on your own. That's what the Startlegram told us over the past week. The billboard may say it's all about "U", but really it's all about "$".

Chesapeake has done a masterful job of spinning a story about big corporations and big money razing an urban forest into a tale of private property rights violated.

This is a straw man. If you want to see how gas drilling companies really feel about private property rights, allow me to point you to Jeff Prince's article in the FWWeekly about Billy Mitchell. That's the truth.

Simply put, if you owned the Trinity Trees property, you'd first get the carrot -- a big fat check waved in your face. Maybe you take that check. But if not, you get the stick. The City and the gas driller would force their way onto your property. If you try to claim private property rights, how far do you think you would get? Ask Billy Mitchell.

Don't fall for Chesapeake's marketing spin. If you care about green space in our city, show up at 7 Tuesday night at the City Council Meeting. Councilwoman Wendy Davis has invited Trinity Trees to present an alternative proposal to save the entire eight-acre grove and still allow for drilling.

Also, write the Startlegram and the Mayor and City Council to let them know how you feel.

Fort Worth, you are on your own. If you want to save these trees, show up and speak out NOW. It's critical that the Mayor, City Council and entire city know there is widespread, enthusiastic support for this cause.


Anonymous said...

Here is what Juan Rangel, candidate for Fort Worth City Council District 9, proposes we do about the Trinity Trees and Urban Drilling:



Today District 9 City Council candidate Juan Rangel proposed a 6 month moratorium on any gas drilling within 1,000 feet of the Trinity River. “This buffer will protect our water source and give everyone some time to come up with a way to preserve the Trinity Trees." Rangel also recommended that the City reconstitute the Gas Well Task Force to improve protections for natural resources like water and neighborhoods.

An eight-acre wooded parcel of land along the Trinity Trail near Rogers Road, which most people thought was a park, is now owned by Chesapeake Energy. Plans are being finalized by Chesapeake to destroy 2.5 acres of the trees to be used as a gas drilling site. Recently, citizens have expressed opposition to the destruction of these trees.

On Friday, a gas drilling company spilled 5,000 gallons of dyed red diesel fuel into Grassy Creek. Rangel said "We don't want to turn the Trinity River into the Red River."

"The Barnet Shale has been here for thousands of years and its not going anywhere. It's more important to get this done right than get it done quickly," Rangel added.

Rangel proposed that the Gas Well Task Force should include a representative from each part of Fort Worth and two at large representatives, one charged with protecting neighborhood interests and another charged with protecting the environment. The committee would address issues such as sound limitations, model lease provisions and neighborhood protections. rangel stated that "Gas drilling in neighborhoods should be safe, rare and respectful of neighborhoods.”

Steve-O said...


I'm glad to have another voice in the fight to save the Trees. However, I would urge you to take an even stronger stance. I believe we are winning, and I'm not ready for half-loaf watered-down measures.

Bernie Scheffler has come out much stronger against drilling. You can read what he has to say at his campaign blog.

Bernie said...
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