Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dear Wall of Sound Festival

I owe you an apology. I kinda suck. And I'm not alone.

Believe it or not, this isn't my job. I do this because it's fun. But I do actually have a pay-the-bills job, and that's what I was doing on Saturday instead of rocking my ass off at LaGrave Field. I figured you'd understand.

But when I go online to find some post-mortem, what do I find? Not freaking much. Most of the coverage came from ... ack ... The Dallas-freaking-News. On moral grounds, I refuse to point readers in that direction. Instead I point you to Hansford and Sammy at Big D little d. And of course, my main man Mike Orren and Pegasus News were on the spot, too.

You can't sling a cat without hitting a music blogger, but can most of them get off their ass and get out to the biggest music thing in Fort Worth all year? Apparently not. And that's just wrong.

So, Wall of Sound, forgive my suckitude. And give me one more chance. Come back next year. It'll be different. Oh, yeah, and as promised, here's my picture of a kitten. Friends?


spsb said...

I wasn't there either and now I feel horrible about it. Congrats on having your blog named in the "Best Of..." edition of FWWeekly...a rag I used to write for once upon a time. I'll be your blog, of course. Not the Weekly.

LPJ said...

OK, I'm forced (again!) to post a distracting and silly comment, thanks to your inclusion of the famous meadow kitten picture. I counter with Domo-kun, mascot of the Japanese NHK network, in hot pursuit. And I'm pretty sure he attended the Wall of Sound Festival, if only to collect cool event wristbands and meet hot chicks with lower back tattoos.

Mike Orren said...

We were there too!:

The Stash Dauber said...

if it's an avocation, not an obligation, then why apologize?

Steve-O said...

Excellent question, your Stashness. There's an old rule that goes "If you don't show up when people invite you, then pretty soon -- they just don't invite you." If we don't turn out for live music, art -- any number of things that make our community -- pretty soon, those things might not be there anymore. Listening to and supporting local music is my avocation. Right or wrong, I look at supporting local music as my obligation. More bands andd more places to see them play helps create the kind of Fort Worth I want to live in.