Wednesday, September 12, 2007

S-T Takes The Edge Off LTE

Bud Kennedy ... are you editing the Letters To The Editor now? Local blogger Texas Sharon in Wise County doesn't support gas drilling, but you'd never know that from her Letter to the Editor that was published in the Startlegram. The Wizards at 400 West 7th botched the editing of her letter pretty badly. Reader, beware.


TXsharon said...

I just want to say that I was born in Fort Worth, Texas and lived there for 43 years. I used to ride my bike to Forest Park, the museums and the zoo. I went to school at South Hi Mount, Stripling and Heights.

It breaks my heart to see what is happening with the drilling.

Come to Wise County and see the cost.

Barnett Shale: The newest blood for oil war

PS Don't you also write at Pegasus News?

TXsharon said...

I heard from David House and they are running my REAL Letter Saturday.

Steve-O said...
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TXsharon said...

I was wondering how to contact you but your Linky no workie.

The Startlegram reprinted my letter tody.

Steve-O said...

Try thecaravanofdreams (at) gmail

Vinny said...

Original Post by some moderately disgruntled citizen:
I had a dream that Texas still had a major printed medium with dignity and honor in their editorial staff. Alas, with all the problems of money, advertisers, and the $@#% corporate ownership these days, I feel my beloved Star-Telegram is but another New York Post tragedy.

After modifications for brevity, punctuation, and… uh, “language content”:
Texas still [has]… dignity and honor in [the]… editorial staff… of… the… Star-Telegram…