Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rick Noriega Update

Some of this old news, but I'm playing catch-up:

  • Stupid Thing To Say: This from the Houston Chronicle by way of BurkaBlog: Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mikal Watts of San Antonio once tried to pressure a legal opponent into a $60 million personal injury lawsuit settlement by claiming he would have an advantage on appeal because of his firm's heavy campaign financial support to an appellate court's justices, "all of whom are good Democrats." Yeah, that's pretty dumb. But the more interesting thing is Burka's analysis: "Noriega has a great personal story; the question is whether he can raise enough money to get it out to the electorate. Watts has oodles of money, but no compelling personal narrative. The question is whether money or an Hispanic surname is the greater asset in a Democratic primary. Does the name 'Victor Morales' mean anything to you? It meant something to congressmen John Bryant and Jim Chapman, who lost the 1996 Senate primary to the unknown schoolteacher, and the Hispanic vote means more in the Democratic primary today than it did then. ... If Watts wins the primary, his background as a trial lawyer will hurt him, but [John] Cornyn will carry a lot of the baggage that has piled up during Bush's second term. Watts will have enough money to focus the race on Cornyn's record. Noriega has the better shot to beat Cornyn--if he can raise the money.

  • Tough Time at UT: Things didn't get any better for Watts in his appearance at UT on Wednesday. I think the TCU football team got a better reception than he did. By contrast, Noriega did very well on the 40 Acres last week.

  • Rick Doesn't Like Bloggers? That's news to me. This is a HUGE non-story. When I met him in Dallas recently, he was very enthusiastic about blogs in general and my blog specifically. Rick's a great guy and he has my vote.

  • Lest We Forget: Three weeks ago, seven paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne penned an op-ed in the New York Times questioning the effectiveness of the Iraq Surge. On Monday, two of the op-ed's authors, Sgt. Omar Mora and Sgt. Yance T. Gray, died in a vehicle accident in western Baghdad. Noriega wrote yesterday about the loss of Sgt. Mora, who was from Texas City. "It is the right of every citizen to speak their mind, as Omar's brother, Roger told the Houston Chronicle -- a right that belongs to civilian and soldier alike, regardless of rank. Voicing one's opinion, especially from a soldier, is very difficult when 'management' is wrong. Omar, and his fellow soldiers had a better understanding of the cultural matrix in Iraq than what gets reported by the media, he had walked the walk. He spoke from experience when they said 'we operate in a bewildering context of determined enemies and questionable allies, one where the balance of forces on the ground remains entirely unclear.' Sgt. Mora and his soldiers concluded their editorial by making clear 'as committed soldiers, we will see this mission through.' He lived up to his word. Now the challenge lies with the rest of us to listen and bring this mismanaged war to an end." Amen.

  • Money From Swift Boat Bob Perry: The Startlegram reported that Noriega has taken four contributions totaling $7,000 since January 2006 when Perry's role in the Swift Boat campaign became known. Personally, I wish Rick would give the money back, but I'm willing to wait and hear and explanation.

    TXsharon said...

    Noriega defends bloggers

    The Perry contributions were from a while back before Perry financed the Swiftboaters. His voting record has been thoroughly check and no suspicious votes were found PLUS he voted against tort reform which was the big Perry issue. Perry has so many PACS that it's hard to know for sure where the money is from or his involvement in which PACS.

    nffcnnr said...

    Thanks for the Noriega news post. i just got a thank-you-for-you-donation postcard from his campaign the other day, and thought, "i better give him some more money." Your post and the Senate's inability to pass the Webb amendment served as additonal reminders that we need better representation in DC. So i'm off to PayPal Rick a few bux. thanks again.