Friday, September 28, 2007

Last Roundup for the Wreck

The weekend is the last huzzah for The Wreck Room before it is, indeed, wrecked to make way for -- must ... resist ... urge ... to ... rant! -- to make way for something different. I'm going to head out there to-nite because I want to see Goodwin and also because I want to support my all-time favorite barrista in Fort Worth, Adrian Hulet (above) of Osocloso, also on the bill. The rest of this weekend's bill:

  • Friday, September 28 - Goodwin / Osocloso / Buttercup

  • Saturday, September 29 - The Me-Thinks / Leroy the Prophet / Blood of the Sun

  • Sunday, September 30 - The Gideons / Cadillac Fraf / Top Secret…Shhh

  • Hope to see you there.

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