Tuesday, September 11, 2007

News Travels Fast

I guess Fort Worth Code Enforcement reads the paper, too. I just got an e-mail that they are going around picking up “Just Say No To Urban Gas Drilling” signs in Berkeley.

If this happens to you, I encourage you to file a public information request to determine who initiated the call to Code Enforcement and to file a formal complaint with City Council.

Wonder if the City will take all out of code signs or just the Gas Drilling ones? I hope they don’t pick up Bernie Scheffler signs, too. I expect Joel Burns signs to be unmolested.

UPDATE, 2:23 p.m.: If I'm reading city code right, political campaign signs are exempt from city code, so Bernie's signs are safe. And, of course, Joel signs are safe.
UPDATE, 10:30 p.m.: An update from Don Young: "I was approached tonight at council by Assistant Director of Code Compliance, Brandon Bennett, who said they just happened to be doing a city-wide sweep of 'bandit signs' today, and that he wondered if some of the Just Say NO signs were reported missing. I said, yes, and that I would like to have them back. He said he would return them if they had not been dumpstered yet. Promised to e-mail me tomorrow. He also said that the signs are OK as long as they are not on city property. That is, they must be on the homeowner side of the sidewalk. I will gladly replace any signs that have been pilfered. Residents can call me for replacements. Signs are also available at the Spiral Diner. A $2.50 per sign donation is requested but not required to cover basic costs."


Pete said...
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Pete said...

If we're reading the code right, you'd think that the gas drilling signs are exempt, too, since they're definitely about an issue, they just don't pertain directly to the upcoming election. Now, if we could modify Bernie's signs to say something like "Say NO To Urban Drilling - VOTE BERNIE!" or something like that, then we might be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Anonymous said...

That is the same comment I just posted on the Star Telegram comments section in response to today's article. It seems that they have no problem with any sign as long as it has a city officials name on it. It seems we have hit a nerve with the Just Say NO to Urban Gas Drilling Signs. That means we need more of them and well inside our property lines so they have to trespass to remove them. How about another sign that says "I am an Idiot - I just signed with Paloma/Cheasapeake."
As I also wrote, perhaps Mayor Moncrief should volunteer to have a gas well on his front lawn before suggesting how wonderful it would be for all of us to have one in ours. How about an environmental impact study from an independant source that has nothing to do with the energy companies to tell us the truth as to how this will affect us and our quality of life.

Gail Giles - aka Ferret For Truth
Member of EHHOA and Greater Meadowbrook Gas Well Leasing Committee

Steve-O said...

Thanks for your comment, Gail. Some of the chemicals these drilling companies use are proprietary, so there is literally no telling what they are pumping into the ground around Fort Worth.

You're right. That is something worth studying.

Bernie said...

Well, Bud seems to be getting a little worked up about this whole issue. Read his column today about the removal of those signs.

You know, if the city is going to tell me that I can't put a sign between the sidewalk and curb, perhaps they should come mow it for me from now on. I'll just mow the grass inside the sidewalk.

And to suggest that the pickup of the "Just Say No" signs was a general effort against blight is just silly. Berkeley is not blighted, Bud.

Anonymous said...

All too typical of City Govt, the S-T and their columnists like the one you mention. They hang around with and are influenced almost exclusively by the Chamber and Petroleum Club types. Not surprising their communiques to the Citizens are elitist.

From Out West

Steve-O said...

I'm a little too old to be as shocked as I am by this. But still, I expected more.