Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Love This Time of Year

And it ain't because I like fryin' eggs on the sidewalk. It's because I have a fever, and the only prescription is college football. I was going to put together this whole long ode to my love of the sport, but words fail me. It's something you just kind of have to feel ... like winning ... in The Shoe ... at Night. Remember that one Mike?


Pete said...

Didja post that one special for me, Steve? How about a video of them LOSING last year in Memorial Stadium? :D

Steve-O said...

I knew you'd like that one, Pete. I'm over last year -- 06 was a disappointing season, but I still had fun at the OSU game in Austin. We have the honor of losing to the second-best team in college football that year.

Now 2005, 2005 was special. As Keith Jackson said, how sweet the wine. The Rose Bowl, a Big 12 title and the satisfaction of knowing that we are undefeated in the Shoe at Night. I was at that game, bro. I had never heard 100,000 people go silent like that before. It was pretty cool.