Monday, August 20, 2007

FW Should Show MC Router The Love

Although Cary Darling introduced me to MC Router and the geekcore scene in the Fort a few months back, the FWWeekly jumped on the bandwagon and gave them a little love last week.

And of course, tha paradox is while MC Router can play packed clubs in the Pacific Northwest, she and her fellow geekstas don't get the same adulation right here at home. And that's too bad, because FW needs to support this kinda cool.

“I fucking love Fort Worth, I fucking love Texas,” she told the FWWeekly. “I want people to know me here. I’m gonna burn a whole tray of CDs and start going to where my target audience is — game shops, comic book stores, computer stores. I’m gonna draw signs and stick them at random places all over town — on telephone poles, at intersections — that say ‘Nerd? Geek? Video Gamer? Interested? Here’s my web site.’”

How can you not love someone with that kind of attitude?! We need to support that kind of kickassitude. If you're interested, she plays Club Dada in Dallas tomorrow night. I'm still kicking myself for missing her show with MC Chris at the Aardvark earlier in the month. Totally whiffed it on that one. Next time she's back in the Fort, I'm there.


LPJ said...

Is this something we talked about yesterday? If not, I will put on my tinfoil helmet and kindly ask you to GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, Mr. Smith.

I had a long discussion with a friend about MC Router on Saturday. He, like Cary Darling, finds many nerdcore artists to be a bit twee. I'm a fan, but then again, I haven't bought a whole album of the stuff, either. Cary has suggested that rap fans consider checking out ytcracker , who sounds like Paul Wall. Coincidentally, Paul Wall's dad apparently works in IT at my friend's company. Small world!

Oh, and I think MC Router still works at a FW coffeeshop. I don't drink coffee, but it would be fun to buy a scone from her. I think it's customary to tip 25% if your server drops the 1337 g33k b347.

Steve-O said...

We didn't talk about this but we should have. I need to find out which Starbucks she works at. Along these lines, my daughter is now singing the ATHF theme: "Meatwad make the money see ..."

Cindy said...

I LOVE MC Router, nice piece Steve-O. In fact, she got a little luvin' today on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, even played a snippet of one of her songs.

Steve-O said...

Thanks, Cindy. I just love her attitude. Everyone should be as passionate about what they do as she is.