Friday, August 10, 2007

Bernie Scheffler, The Time Is Now

City Councilwoman Wendy Davis resigned Thursday night, announcing that she plans to challenge veteran state lawmaker Kim Brimer for his state Senate seat in 2008. Davis will run as a Democrat. Brimer is a Republican.

Davis defeated my main man Bernie Scheffler for the District 9 seat this past May. Well, Bernie, now you have another chance. You need to run again. You will win this time. Bernie, the time is now. Fort Worth needs you.

One thing that hurt Bernie in the last election was the cloak of invisibility that the Star-Telegram threw over him. Fort Worth's daily did an egregiously poor job of covering all of the challengers in the city council races, which gave the incumbents even more help that they didn't need to hang on to their seats. Well, don't expect things to change that much this time, either. Last night, Bernie wrote:

"Reporters don't even try to get all the facts these days! The Star-Telegram reports this evening that two people are thinking about running for Wendy Davis' vacated council seat. But did they even bother to call the guy who ran three months ago? Of course not; my phone never rang.

"Mr. Spangler, Batheja, and Lee: shame on each of you. I realize that blog posts like this one probably won't make me any more likely to get coverage in your paper, but still... you owe it to the people of Fort Worth to at least try and get the whole story. Give me a call next time, OK?"

I agree. Bernie, you have my full support in this election, too. I also intend to support Wendy in her campaign against Brimer. I like the way this is going.

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