Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mowery Heads Out To Pasture

After 19 years representing my part of Fort Worth in the Texas House, right-wing fossil Anna Mowery announced her resignation Tuesday. I say good riddance. As the S-T put it, "Mowery became known in recent years in part for her unflinching support of House Speaker Tom Craddick."

More than 10 other candidates have signaled in recent months that they are considering a run for Mowery's seat, including, among Republicans, Fort Worth school board member Chris Hatch, former Fort Worth Councilman Clyde Picht and Fort Worth lawyer Robert Higgins, who unsuccessfully challenged Mowery in the 2006 primary. Democrat Dan Barrett, a Fort Worth lawyer who opposed Mowery in the general election in 2006, has said he is considering pursuing the seat again.

Mowery's resignation will likely mean that a special election for her seat will be added to the Nov. 6 ballot, but it could be called earlier if Slick Rick Perry so decrees.

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Whitney said...

Interesting. LOL @ Slick Rick Perry.

:) Whitney