Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Thoughts From The Trinity Trail

Things I was thinking about while riding the Trinity Trail at 6 a.m.:

  • How many pounds of bugs do I eat a day?

  • Biking into the wind is hard.

  • How many chemicals are in the fish that the river birds are eating?

  • Old ladies who smoke cigarettes make me laugh.

  • Am I slow because I am fat and out of shape? Or am I slow because I'm riding a mountain bike on the trail? Or both? I need to ask Bernie about that.

  • Why do people on the trail not want to stay on the right?

  • I am going to feel a lot better when this is over.

  • Why do people still have W stickers on their cars? Isn't it a little embarrassing at this point?

  • Biking with a tailwind makes you feel like Mr. Schwinn-fucking-Armstrong.

    Pete said...

    Oh, wow, I didn't know it was THAT great! Now I'm definitely in for the 6AM ride on Saturday!

    So, really... Where should we meet?

    Steve-O said...

    Really, it's pretty nice. I just like bitching about stuff. Sent you an e-mail.