Monday, August 13, 2007

Fort Worth News Items

  • Check out the Stash Dauber for the schedule of event before the Wreck Room rides off into history. Someone needs to get a camera crew together. There's a documentary in this a la Last Night at the Alamo

  • Ken also reminds us that Fred's is now open on Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday. So adjust your schedule accordingly.

  • A couple of things from the Panther City Boys: 1) A Labor Day Bike Ride is on the board so air up your tires. 2) There is a community meeting scheduled for Sept. 6 to discuss the impact of Barnett Shale drilling on the Trinity Trail. City staff and Chesapeake Energy reps will be there. And so should you.

  • Kevin reminds us that Lili's is still delicious.

  • The Fort Worthian points out that Texadelphia by TCU is no more. And Cafe Express is also no more.

  • Tammy Gomez got blurbed in the D(a)MN.

  • The Startlegram lists the contenders for Anna Mowery's old state house seat.


    The Stash Dauber said...

    i'd like to point out that my post with the wreck room sked was a very selective listing of shows that interest _me_. there are several others. for the full monte, go ye to and by the way, forella's also pubbing the calendar for 6th street live (due to be reborn / rebranded as lola's just any day now) at so there.

    Steve-O said...

    Thanks for setting the record straight.

    Kevin Buchanan said...

    Hey, Sundays are slow news days sometimes. And our Lili's story is completely accurate. :)

    Steve-O said...

    I'm not bagging on you, Kevin. My only regret is that I wasn't there to enjoy to food me-ownself.