Monday, February 19, 2007

S-T Odds and Ends

Catching up on a pretty readable weekend in the Startlegram.

  • First is an article that’s bound to cause a little hand-wringing on the Dallasization of Fort Worth. Specifically, this refers to the development along the 7th Street corridor west of downtown that some would like to see become Fort Worth’s answer to Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood. The Black Dog is gone and The Wreck Room is not far behind. Whither Fred’s? "Fred's has to change with the demographics," owner Terry Chandler says. "Our rent is more expensive than it used to be ... So I'm stepping it up a little bit -- the same thing but higher quality." Does this worry anyone else? As Brian Forella, owner of the Wreck Room puts it, one thing Fort Worth may lose is the great egalitarian nature of the nightlife where, regardless of social station, people get together to tip a few, see aband and grab a bite. “Lawyers, doctors and guys that work on cars, and they all get along. Kind of like Fred's. That's the weird dynamic of Fort Worth that I think it's going to start to lose -- that melting-pot kind of place where everybody can hang out." I want to write more on this later.

  • Do you know Geekcore? Nerds rapping about their mad coding skillz? Well, me neither. Cary Darling opened my eyes to Geeksta life with his article on MC Router, T-Byte and others love of high tech and hard beats. Includes a shout out to MC Chris (aka MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • Finally, an op-ed piece from oncologist Jerry Barker on the HPV vaccine debate that clouds the issue with facts.

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