Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Support Our Troops

Sgt. Bryan Anderson is sort of the rock star of disabled Iraq war vets. One of the war's five triple amputees, he displays a sense of humor, determination and gratitude for being alive that we all could learn from. And in a weird way, he's been luckier than most. "Amputees are the first to receive celebrity visitors, job offers and extravagant trips, but Bryan is in a league of his own," the Washington Post writes. "Johnny Depp's people want to hook up in London or Paris. The actor Gary Sinise, who played an angry Vietnam amputee in "Forrest Gump," sends his regards. And Esquire magazine is setting up a photo shoot."

But how do most disabled Iraq war veterans fare according to the same WaPo article? Not so great. We talk a good game about supporting our troops, but we don't do so well with the followthrough.

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