Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gone But Not Forgotten

Jeff Liles wrote a moving and accurate obituary for Bill's Records. The bottom line: in the old days before the Interweb and the mainstreaming of alternative music, you had to work your ass off to find something different. Bill's made that easier for lots of us. Thanks, Bill.

Also, there was this cool story about Stanley Marcus:

These days, tears come to Bill Wisener’s eyes rather easily. He hopes that people like Jerry Haynes and Trini Lopez – regular customers, no kidding — will find him in the new location. He misses folks like former Longhorn Ballroom and Yellow Belly Drag Strip owner O.L. Nelms, former airline exec Clyde Skeen, legendary architect Albert Frey and his dear friend Stanley Marcus.

Before Marcus passed away, he called Bill one afternoon and asked him to come to his home the next morning. Stanley Marcus then gave him his entire lifetime collection of old 78 rpm records. Bill gets emotional when he thinks of the gesture.

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