Monday, October 01, 2007

Web of Deceit

Joel Burns seems to have too much money on his hands. If you visit, you'll find that you get pointed to Joel's Web site. Is that really necessary, Joel?

What's even more interesting is that this domain name has been registered
to Joel for a LONG time. The most recent record shows that he registered
the name on 21 January 2007. This isn't just something that was thought of last week.

I'm extremely disappointed in the Burns campaign for moves like this and the phone poll. It shows a win-at-all costs attitude that I find distasteful. Unfortunately, that seems to be the tone of the Burns campaign. And there's a whole other month to go. Wee.

Joel, I encourage you to make this right. Issue an apology and point to Bernie's Official Campaign Web site. It's the right thing to do.

UPDATE, 10.2.07, 10 a.m.: Looks like now points to Bernie's Official Campaign Web site. Thank you, Joel. I am hoping an apology to Bernie has also been offered.
UPDATE, 10.2.07, noon:Joel Burns doesn't exactly put the funk in perfunctory with this apology note: "Bernie, Sorry about that. I apologize. Best of luck with your campaign. Joel." Nonetheless, case closed.


LPJ said...

What a weasel move! What upsets me is that I imagine a judge wouldn't allow him to keep that domain name, but it would cost Bernie's campaign a considerable sum just to get it to court. Sounds like the clever strategy of kicking an opponent in the nuts before the boxing match begins.

I visited both sites, and have to say that Bernie seems much too nice to be electable. I think his PR team needs to get cracking on this. How will people know that he has the greed and mendacity to be a successful politician? He needs a little more Diamond Joe Quimby.

Bret Starr said...

Wow ... all I can say is, "Wow". Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Public service is all about judgment. This shows a major lack of judgment on the side of Joel Burns. Can he be trusted to act in our best interests if elected? Clearly not - he appears to only be acting in his own selfish interests. Who BUYS someone else's name? Bad judgment.

Steve-O said...

Agreed, Bret. Between this and the phone poll, what does this say about Joel's character? Not good things, I believe.

pete g said...

Looks like they mad it right

pete g said...

and "mad" i meant "made"

Juniper said...

You know, this campaign, mainly Joel, is just starting to get creepy. This office, this CITY COUNCIL position in little ol' FORT WORTH and not WASHINGTON, is supposed to be filled by a person who knows the neighbors, values protecting our kids, wants to make sure our streets are safe, and believes in taking care of our elderly....just to name a few....this position is not supposed to be about GREED and FAME and baby-kissing. It's really just sort of difficult for me to grasp that someone could raise 60K for a CITY COUNCIL's just creepy. AND the fact that he knew BEFORE, months before, that he should be strategizing about this race....meaning, even before Wendy gave her OH so heart felt speech that she was resigning. He knew in January to buy Bernie's web name? Interesting... Joel is definitely not the type of person who could possibly understand me, or what I hope for and need. So for those of you who haven't met Bernie yet, I challenge you to drop into his place of business and meet him. You'll find at Panther City Bicycles the candidate that you've been needing...genuine, not bought.

Steve-O said...

Wow, Juniper. You took the words right out of my mouth. One of the reasons I decided to support Bernie is he is an authentic human being. He is not a packaged product. He is not hairspray and blowdry. He doesn't have a $70,000 war chest. He's exactly what he looks like -- a guy who is sincere about wanting to make Fort Worth a better place to live.

Bret Starr said...

Well said, Juniper and Steve-o. It's sad what "politics" has come to mean in the modern era. Most people don't think it's about civic duty anymore - they run for office so they can get money, power, influence ... whatever. It's a trust issue that extends from local elections to presidential elections. At least we can have an impact on the kind of people that represent our district. I think we're all passionate about Bernie because he's such a genuine guy that cares so much as is so above all this silly stuff. Meet Bernie once and you know where his heart is. I'm with Juniper - anyone reading this should find a reason to go by Panther City Bikes and just meet Bernie. You'll see what we're talking about.