Monday, October 15, 2007

Podcast: Episode 12

One of the best parts of the weekly podcast is the chance to talk to Kevin who is as charming and funny as he is smart. This week, we had a nice chat about the Southwest Parkway vs. Light/Commuter Rail options in Fort Worth. No, really, it's good listening. Also, check out what Kevin wrote about this on Fort Worthology.

  • We also talked about Bernie (who is also charming, funny, smart and electable) having a very good night at the League of Women Voters forum last week.

  • The supercool San Francisco ex-pat Pete G also joined us for the fun last night. He is charming, funny, smart and knows all about f-stops. Little-known fact: he is also a descendent of Vasco da Gama.

  • I also found out that Rod Roddy was from Fort Worth and is deceased. He was charming, funny, smart, but very dead.

  • Cowtown Pete, who is charming, funny, smart and terrorizes my cat, also hipped us to the Lone Star International Film Festival, coming up in November. We also talked about the absence of a true art house movie theater in Fort Worth. I am in favor of the Magnolia on Magnolia.

  • So check out the podcast at Cowtown Chronicles or subscribe at iTunes.

    Also, I think I exhausted my quota for alsos in this post.

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    Kevin said...

    You forgot "handsome." :)