Monday, October 29, 2007

East Fort Worth Residents Protest Strip Club

East Fort Worth residents protested a planned strip club at Trinity Boulevard and East Loop 820 over the weekend. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of these residents to decide what kind of businesses can be put in their neighborhood.

Of course, I think it is worth pointing out that if one follows the Chesapeake Energy logic on property rights -- you know, the idea that a private property owner has the right to develop their property in any way that the city allows -- then these citizens should just shut up and go home.

And, much like the Trinity Trees case, the Startlegram has pointed out that "if the club meets the city's requirements for sexually oriented businesses, there is no process for residents to appeal."

Of course, it is also worth pointing out that although city ordinance requires gas drilling wells to be 600 feet from homes (although they can be closer with a high-impact variance), sexually-oriented businesses must be at least 1,000 feet away from homes. Or, as Sharon has already pointed out, breasts are more dangerous than gas wells.

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