Sunday, October 21, 2007

More on "What's Wrong With This Picture"

I spoke to Chad Lorance at the Tarrant Regional Water District on Friday about the What's Wrong With This Picture post from last week. Lorance added to what he e-mailed last week. He said that the TRWD had their inspectors take a look at what happened and what they found were the pumps in photos are used to draw water from the river to be used in the fracing process. He says these are one-way pumps. Any water that goes through these pumps is not connected to the fracing process. Any chemicals that are used in the fracing process do not go through these pumps.

“What would be worrisome to us is if water was going from a frac tank into the river, but that is certainly not the case here,” he said.

Lorance also reiterated that the TRWD appreciates that there are people who are concerned with water quality and are willing to make the TRWD aware of potential pollution violations. The fact of the matter is that the TRWD can only react to situations like this one -- their inspectors can’t be everywhere. They depend on concerned citizens like to help protect our environment. And that is up to all of us who live here and love Fort Worth. Keep it up.

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yarddog said...

Chad Lorance with TRWD just called to say their inspectors did verify that the line pumping FROM the drill site at Riverside and I30 was ONLY from the (clean) water tank that is totally separate from the fracking lines. Um. He added that they are not the regulating entity - that is the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and who they inspect for....he added that those lines and the tank will be moved to another site off I30 in a couple of weeks. Moral of the story, who to call if you think there is a potential compliance issue, Call the TCEQ Emergency Response number listed on that website: Emergency Response Reporting - 1-800-832-8224 and hope for the best.