Tuesday, October 09, 2007

District 9 City Council Forum

I attended the League of Women Voters forum at University Christian Church last night. I went to support my good friend and candidate of choice, Bernie Scheffler. Though I am biased, I think he did quite well. He is polished, articulate and genuine.

Without getting into everything said at the hour-long forum, I think it came down to one question. The candidates were asked what they believe to be the most important issue facing this city. Bernie Scheffler answered clearly and firmly -- gas drilling. The other candidates hemmed and hawed about that being a tough question. I say no. It isn't a tough question. Gas drilling is the issue people in Fort Worth are concerned about. The City Council wouldn't be revisiting the gas drilling ordinance if it weren't for the public outcry. We need a candidate who can address this issue head on. Fort Worth needs Bernie Scheffler on the City Council.

Some reflections about the other candidates:

  • I thought Juan Rangel also did quite well. He seems a little nervous and short on stage presence, but he was very knowledgeable.

  • In spite of myself, I want to like Chris Turner. I know he's very Republican and he acts like he just drank two too many Dr Pepper's, but I want to like the guy. Maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome from all the mailers he's sent out. But he does say some crazy stuff sometimes. Case in point: his proposal to build pipelines to remove wastewater from gas drilling. Huh? Is that even feasible? [UPDATE, 10.11.07: Yes, it is feasible. Crazy, and ill-advised, but feasible.]

  • Jim Beckman is supported by Kay Granger. There really is nothing else to say about him. That should be enough to scare you right there.

  • Joel Burns has the knack for talking a lot and saying nothing. He seemed flat, like he didn't really want to be there. The only thing I am able to glean about his campaign is he is pro-yard sign. But again, I am biased here. I'm still pissed about the whole URLgate thing. So don't dislike him just because I do. Find out more about him and discover reasons of your own not to like him.

  • For another take on the District 9 candidates, check out Andy N's write-up on the Fort Worth Architecture Forum.

    I also caught the tail end of the House District 97 forum and let me say this -- Fort Worth attorney Dan Barrett is the real deal. He was the most impressive candidate, period. If you want to send a message to Tom Craddick on Nov. 6, do this -- vote for Dan Barrett.


    Mondalejones said...

    I like the fact that Jim Beckman cited as a qualification that he had done "complicated paperwork." Obvious pandering to the "complicated paperwork" vote.

    Steve-O said...

    I know for a fact that the complicated paperwork vote is an underserved constituency in our community.