Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank You, Fort Worth

Well, the Fort Worth Weekly Best of 2007 is out and the readers and the critics have selected yours truly as the best blogger in the Fort. Thank you. I'm not the best of Fort Worth, but I can think of a few people who are:

  • Bernie Scheffler: Please make Bernie the new District 9 City Council member. The city needs him, like, real bad. He's got two great blogs: VoteBernie! and Panther City Bikes.

  • Pete Wann: Great guy. And I love his blog -- Cowtown Chronicles.

  • Kevin Buchanan: Kevin's blog, Fort Worthology, is a must-read for Fort Worth architecture lovers. And he's a great guy.

  • Ken Shimamoto: Also known by his nom de blog the Stash Dauber. I aspire to be him when I grow up. You must read his blog several times a day. He makes me think and laugh. And I think we own a lot of the same records.

  • Jim Marshall and Rick Collins: If you love Fort Worth, help these two guys save The Trinity Trees. Don't let Chesapeake Energy mow down a fantastic part of this city for a few bucks.

  • Don and Debora Young: Again, if you love Fort Worth, drop by FWCando.org. Get a sign and get involved. Don't let gas drilling ruin the best parts of Fort Worth.

  • Randy Bacon: I think this guy is the stuff. If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, buy one of his paintings. Don't know him? Then read this.

  • Mike Blackman and Mike Cochran: I like to tell stories, but these two guys are actually really good at it. They've forgotten better stories than the best stories I know.

  • Thanks to my lovely wife and my amazing daughter. Thanks to my friends. Thanks to Paul. Keep reading. Support your local bloggers.


    LPJ said...

    Congratulations! The readers and critics are in consensus, too ... way to go, Steve! I look forward to buying you a celebratory Fireman's #4 in a few weeks, when I make my semi-annual trip north. Keep up the great posts, and thanks for your tireless efforts to highlight what makes Fort Worth such a remarkable community.

    Pete said...

    Congratulations, Steve! They got it exactly right.

    Bernie said...

    That is awesome... Here's to the new, united Fort Worth Blog community!

    Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

    Congrats! The award is well deserved.

    pete g said...

    Congrats Steve, you deserve it.

    Steve-O said...

    Thank you to a lot of great bloggers here. Except LPJ, who should be blogging.

    Kevin said...

    Way to go, Steve! Oh, and I'll get you next time. :)

    Steve-O said...

    Thanks, Kev. There are some great blogs around the Fort but I'm hoping we'll see a lot more in the next year.

    Tom said...

    Kudos on the 'Best of' nods, Steve.
    And in typical form, for sharing the love with some other great Panther City bloggers.

    Here's to your continued success and many returns [both figuratively and carriage varieties!]

    Tom Urquhart
    The Good Show