Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gas Drilling Downtown?

It looks like downtown gas drilling might actually be happening. A public notices in the August 22 Star-Telegram announced a drilling permit applied for Chesapeake Operating, Inc. / T&P 1H at the end of Lamar on East Lancaster Avenue. Kevin at Fort Worthology has a lot more on the site.

Ah, yes. Chesapeake Energy. Doing Fort Worth a world of good. When I read about this well, this is the first thing I thought about:

This is a picture from the explosion at a gas-related facility in Dallas in July. Even though this facility wasn't a drilling facility, it shows how devastating a flammable-materials explosion can be in an urban area. If there was an accident like the explosion at the gas drilling site in Hood County, imagine the devastation. It's within a 100 yards of I30, and few hundred yards of the Post Office and the T&P Building -- two of Cowtown's architectural treasures. I'm sure that just what those loft dwellers want -- explosion debris floating in their lattes.

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LPJ said...

You know, I see the explosion in this picture, then look at the Chesapeake Ad you'd mentioned below, and I can't help but kinda connect the two. It suggests to me that the picture of the mom and child is lit by the sunset-like glow of the gas fireball, with a hot wind of ignited hydrocarbons blowing through their hair.