Monday, September 17, 2007

Agreement from an Unexpected Source

Last week, I wrote this: "I believe we can't leave it all in the hands of developers who are more concerned with maximizing profit than making this a better community. The fact is that green space matters -- and I'm talking trees, not money."

In today's Fort Worth Business Press, someone wrote this: "You could say the Barnett Shale bonanza is a case of trading green for green. Somewhere along the way, it seems, the environment and the beauty of the Texas landscape in these parts loses as much as individuals and corporations gain."

Wow, sounds pretty similar. What right-thinking individual could that have been? Some other tree-hugging pinko in the Fort?

That person was Rich Connor, former Star-Telegram publisher and current publisher of the Business Press. Way to go, Rich. Now, how about helping us save some of Fort Worth?

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Anonymous said...

With all the emphasis locally on stopping URBAN gas drilling, our bretheren in, what used to be the country, often feel left out. They are the ones who have borne the brunt of drilling, so far. Rural areas of Denton, Wise, Hood and Parker counties have been blitzkrieged into oblivion by machines of industry. Some have become dumping grounds for the detritus of Fort Worth's Barnett-Shale bounty, one of those "hiddeen costs" that city officials like to keep quiet.

It's of little comfort for them to read Connor's eulogy to their little corners of rural Texas, but at least they are shouting AMEN! that someone has finally noticed.