Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The S-T Sees The Signs

I was happy to see the cover story of the Startlegram's business section profiling community advocates Linda Yarbrough and Don Young -- they're the people behind the Just Say No To Urban Gas Drilling signs. I guess Jim Fuquay didn't get the memo from Bud Kennedy.

Sez the S-T: "Some neighborhood association leaders said they regard the signs as significant, numerous or not, because they give visibility to what they regard as a growing backlash against the active leasing and drilling in the Barnett Shale that has moved from rural areas into densely populated communities.

"'I think they work, more than election signs,' said Mike Windsor, a Fort Worth lawyer and member of the Mistletoe Heights Neighborhood Association's gas-drilling committee. 'In an election, you get a lot of information from the newspaper or other places,' he said, while the drilling issue is more localized and depends on people talking to people."

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