Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reflections on The Best of Funkytown

Lost in the hoopla over, well, me, is the fact that there was some noteworthy stuff in FWWeekly "Best of Funkytown" issue. Just random thoughts here.

Editor Gayle Reeves has her eye on the ball. Sayeth Gayle in her introduction: "Why, there are actually some residents in this city so funky that they’ve decided they value safety, quality of life, and neighborhood preservation over gas drilling royalties. Now that is fun-keeee." Imagine ... a journalist on the citizens' side. Imagine.

  • Best Bike Shop, Readers Choice: Panther City Bikes! Holla Bernie, Jason and Brian!

  • Best Old Guy: This tickled me. Readers Choice: Carter Burdette, who is an old fossil whose politics seem to reside somewhere to the right of Albert Speer. Bad call. The critics were much more on target: Jay Milner -- local journalist and "arthur" and friend of Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Bud Shrake, Dan Jenkins, Gary Cartwright and Larry L. King. If you haven't read his memoir, Confessions of a Mad Dog, pick it up like yesterday.

  • Best Local Web Forum: Fort Worth Architecture. There's none better. John Roberts, take a well-deserved bow.

  • Best Print Journalist: My man-crush on Mitch Schnurman was denied. A crime I tell ya.

  • Best Green Space: Tandy Hills Park. Agreed, but I would have liked at least an honorable mention for the Trinity Trees.

  • Best Breakfast: Kudos to the critics for taking Paris Coffee Shop over Old South. There really is no contest. IJS.

  • On the Street Where We Eat: Thanks for shouting out to Magnolia Avenue -- Lili's, Benito's, Paris and Spiral Diner are all in my favorites.

  • Best Steak: Where is the love for M&M?

  • Best Bar: Tiff & Andi's? Where is the love for T&A? Heh.

  • Best Exotic Dancer: Evidently there is four-foot tall stripper in the Fort. I really don't know how to process that information.

  • Thing Tarrant County Needs: Public debate. Can I get an amen? "Cowtowners need to ditch the backroom Fort Worth Way and embrace vigorous debate in the public arena." True dat. Here we are at a crossroads in our city -- Trinity River Vision, Barnett Shale, Fastest Growing City in the Nation -- and where is the public discourse? NOWHERE! Mayor Mikey sure as hell doesn't want it and the Startlegram is boring our asses off with Top 10 Lists which seem more like Ways to Sell Target Merchandise. We deserve better. We'll get it when we demand accountability. "Many neighborhood leaders are now rallying around [The FWWeekly], working more closely with us on big-city issues." As much as the Mayor, the Council, the Startlegram and Chesapeake Energy may try to stonewall the citizens of this community, it seems clear to more than just me than backlash is building. Not a moment too soon.

    Pete said...

    I'll see your Paris Coffe Shop and raise you Old Neighborhood Grill. Peter deserved to be a double winner for best greeter, and the food is damn good, too! It's a bit more expensive than either Ol' South or Paris, but it's also a helluva lot better.

    And for my money, it's Ol' South any day. Where else can you go to get abused by a cross-eyed waitress who looks like Uma Thurman? (If Uma were 40 going on 60 and 150 lbs. heavier.)

    As for the sub-4 foot tall stripper: I'll believe it when I see it. When are we gonna go see it?

    Steve-O said...

    Ol South is the perfect thing to pour on top of a bunch of booze at the end of a long night. Paris is for a wonderful homecooked breakfast. Biscuits and graby. MMmm.

    RE: the four-foot tall stripper. I'm going to think on that one. Could the reality live up to the hype? I'm not sure. Might make for interesting blog material. Imagine the kind of hits you can get with a post titled "Four-Foot High Stripper."

    Kevin said...

    When all is said and done, Spiral Diner still has better pancakes than Paris or Old South. I still love the Big Two, though.

    Zander said...

    Congrats on best blog! I also that my hangout place Embargo got some best titles! Awesome blog by the way.

    Steve-O said...

    Thanks for your comments, Zander. Congrats to you too!