Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What The Hell Is A Constable For Anyway?

I've always wondered about this and now Grits for Breakfast answers this burning question for me. The answer: Not freaking much. And to add some fuel on the fire, one commenter sez contends "they file more lawsuits AGAINST their counties than any other set of elected officials." Hmmmm.

UPDATE: And speaking of worthless constables, the FWWeekly's Jeff Prince introduces us to Tarrant County Constable Clint Burgess, who looks like a real firecracker.

UPDATE, PART DEUX: This is going to be my catch-all constable post. This guy is sort of the poster boy for sleaz-easy constables.

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Anonymous said...

It is without question that this elected offical, Burgess, is going down the same road as the former Tarrant County Sheriff David Williams and former Tarrant County Constable Jack Allen. I hope that the voters of Tarrant County remember this when election time comes. Mickey Mouse would be better suited for the job than Burgess.