Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live from The Living Room

Do you wanna download audio of some guy playing guitar in somebody’s Illinois living room? Naw, me neither. But, what if the guy was Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy? Now you’re on to something. Check out The Owl & the Bear for more cool live downloads, including some of my faves Alejandro Escovedo, Tom Waits, Elliott Smith, The Shins, Lucinda Williams, Peter Bjorn & John and Cat Power. Goodness!

Whilst blogging Jeff Tweedy, here's an interview with him on The Onion AV Club.

UPDATE: I have actually downloaded the Tom Waits & the Nighthawks concert from December 14, 1976. In a word --unbelieveable! If you are a fan, you must check this out like now.

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LPJ said...

Great site! Since I know you're a fan of music from "the Dark Continent" (thank you, Broken Flowers!), I suggest you check out this amazing blog:

Awesome Tapes from Africa

Also, for the fan of Brazilian music, another off-the-radar site:


I haven't had a chance to dig around too much, but I'm already impressed by the cool cover art for Milton Banana. Both sites have great download potential, and both were brought to my attention by the Cynical C-Blog.