Monday, May 14, 2007

Miss Fort Worth - REALLY?!

Well, damn if I wasn't happy to find a local angle on this story, and from The Kingpin of Cowtown, no less! If you watched The Sopranos last night, you might have noticed Sarah Shahi, the stripper who was last seen tripping her ass off with Tony Soprano at the Grand Canyon. Turns out Sarah is a Euless native (poor girl) and a former Miss Fort Worth (1997). Sarah, thank you for representing the 817 so well.


LPJ said...

I was a big fan of her performance. Throw in my high school crush on Janine Turner and my current one on the Sonic Wife, and it's tempting to give you "metroplex" people credit for your foxy ladies.

Tangent: Did anyone notice that both the Sopranos and Entourage episodes ended with spiritual moments at the edge of the Grand Canyon? Eerie (or maybe lazy) ...

Steve-O said...

First off, it's "MetroMess." If we're going to use a marketing term, let's use mine.

LIttle known fact: Janine Turner, also from Euless, was my nextdoor neighbor when I was one and also lived in Euless. Would that she was my babysitter! The Sonic Wife is also a MetroMesser -- I know she went to Greenhill back in the day.

Yeah, I noticed the Grand Canyon thing. Wouldn't it have been funny if Drama ran into Tony out there?