Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Roommate for RadioShack?

Evidently there is an upside to laying off a bunch of people. Mitch Schnurman reports that RadioShack maybe looking for a roommate to share its palatial new digs on the banks of the Trinity. Thanks to the $96 million in public subsidies that Cowtown gave RS to build its mighty PleasureDome, "RadioShack has a distinct advantage over other developers who couldn't get tax breaks."

Of course, that wasn't even the best part of the column for me. Check this: "Since Julian Day arrived as chief executive last July, RadioShack has been brutally cutting costs big and small. Last week, office plants were carted to a garage and sold to employees for $5 each, presumably to save the expense of caring for the greenery. Now that's depressing, given that the company made $42 million in the first quarter." Wow, I wish I had known. I need some landscaping.

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