Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Year Older, But Not Wiser

Dave Barry once wrote that there is an age to stop expecting people to make a big deal over your birthday and that age is 12. Well, today is my birthday and I don't expect anyone to make a big deal over it, but sometimes, it happens anyway. And I am much older than 12.

So here I am. I just finished lunch with my colleagues at Chic Barcelona (or, as I like to say, Bar-THE-lona) and you can see what I had pictured at the left -- rotisserie chicken with a side of of roasted apples and grilled asparagus. We also had an appetizer of olives, pan con tomate -- toasted bread slices rubbed with tomato, salt, pepper and virgin olive oil with some slices of manchego -- and a shot of gazpacho. Washed all this down with a bottle of tempranillo so I've got a nice little red wine dronk right now and I'm not anticipating much productivity this afternoon.

Tonight, I'm going to party like it's 1959 -- red meat, martinis, champagne and Sammy Davis Jr. Schmelkus, babe!


Mike Loughry said...

Happy Birthday, my friend, happy birthday. I believe your best gift would have to be the NCAA's sanctions doled out to the land thieves, no?

Steve-O said...

The Sooners get exactly what they deserve for signing a QB from Grand Prairie.

Thanks for the kind words.

The Stash Dauber said...

never wiser

happy b-day, sir