Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random Thoughts

I've been a little busy at the office and haven't had time to get my blog on. So please bear with me while I take care of a little housekeeping:

  • Church of the Sub Genius (right): As if there wasn't enough conspicuous consumption to make me feel small and inadequate, the new must-have transportation gizmo for the ultrarich is a private submarine. Kind of makes your iPhone look like a piece of crap, doesn't it? For example, one sub maker's midsize model is the $25 million Seattle 1000, a three-story-tall vessel with five staterooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens, a gym, a wine cellar and a 30-foot-long by 15-foot-wide observation portal. It has a range of 3,000 nautical miles. Sheesh, where is a depth charge when you really need one?

  • But I have a plan: I will find and sink the secretive submarines of these wealthy fops the same way the Allies did it in WWII -- with my very own Enigma machine! There's one for sale now on eBay for a mere 10 large. Can someone write me a check?

  • Show Me The Money: This big project in the Startlegram today looked a little familiar. I wonder why.... Oh, yeah, now I remember - I wrote the same damn thing three months ago! That map kicks ass, though. I'll give you that.

  • Lili's Bistro: Kevin reminded me of a dining destination on Magnolia I had not yet experienced. Yes, you had me at Gorgonzola. Dropped in late Saturday night. Had the Asian crab cakes, grilled halloumi and mini cristos. Dessert was the Italian cream cake and chocolate almond torte. Not exactly health food, but plenty of yum. A little spensive (Entrees are $16-$18) but good food and a great vibe. Steve says check it.

  • Dutch's Burgers N Beer: Grady Spears' newest venture occupies the old Jon's Grille space on the TCU drag. Bernie's already given his take, so once again, I'm playing catch-up (no pun intended). Grady makes a mean burger -- a big fat patty and a fresh baked bun. The onion rings are awesome but the fries had an unexpected fishy taste. WTF? The frito pie made me care a little less about the fries -- it's a little more upscale than the heartburn-inducing versions I usually prefer, but plenty good and I'll be back for it again. As for the vibe -- well, no one will confuse it with Fred's. It's a little more tassled-loafer than I would prefer. I like a little raunch with my burger -- my inner redneck, I guess. And spensive yes. Terry Chandler, you don't got nuthin to worry bout, Brutha. Still, can Grady make it? My wife and her co-workers were wondering the same thing. Their conclusion -- nope. My conclusion -- as long as you can drag the TCU kids and their fat wallets in -- you'll be fine.

  • Not Wrecked: Stash reminds us that the Wreck Room is not closed. Brian ... that fella can hang on.

  • Birthday Greetings: Speaking of Stash, as we discussed on Sunday, July is a good month to get older. Ken wrote this touching birthday greeting to his oldest daughter and reminded me of two things: 1) Daughters are awesome. 2) Ken really isn't a blogger, he's a poet. Good on ya.

  • Cindy has left the building: Miss Cindy from the Fine Line now calls San Antone home. Wahh!

  • Good news / bad news for newspapers: Good news: The Audit Bureau is adding "audience engagement" (read: Web site visitors) to its measurements which will make dismal circulation numbers a little less dismal. Bad news: It's earnings report week for the industry. Let the bloodletting begin ... er, continue.

  • PSA from our robot overlords Bret and Jemaine: "The humans are dead!"
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