Monday, July 09, 2007

Hipster Librarians -- Dewey Dare?

What hipper than a librarian? NOTHING!

Here's the burning question answered: "How did such a nerdy profession become cool — aside from the fact that a certain amount of nerdiness is now cool? Many young librarians and library professors said that the work is no longer just about books but also about organizing and connecting people with information, including music and movies. And though many librarians say that they, like nurses or priests, are called to the profession, they also say the job is stable, intellectually stimulating and can have reasonable hours — perfect for creative types who want to pursue their passions outside of work and don’t want to finance their pursuits by waiting tables." Maybe I should've gotten into library science after all.

For more information, check out -- puttin' the rarin' back in librarian.

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