Monday, July 23, 2007

Living In a Great Big Way

Well, I blame Pete. But he didn't get me into this mess, he's just trying to get me out of it.

When he suggested joining the Panther City Bikes Weight Loss Contest, I knew I needed to jump on board. I haven't been biking much lately, just hoovering up burritos, brats and beer. So when Pete suggested that the contest would be a good way to lose about 60 of his pounds, I told him that his 60 and the 60 I need to lose would probably make a pretty kick-ass guy to drink beer with.

So Friday night I made my way down to Benito's for Fat Friday, loading up on sausage quesadillas and barbacoa tacos for one last huzzah before jumping on the health wagon. Saturday's weigh-in confirmed what I already thought: 260, although Bernie was kind enough to not post my poundage online. My goal for the challenge is to get back down to 230 in the next 60 days. My dream weigh would be 200, but doctor's preferred weight is 220-225. Hey, why fight medical science?

So how do I propose to get to 230? Diet and exercise. Bye-bye Fredburgers, hello fiber. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Biking every morning. I went for my shakedown cruise on the Hardrocker on Sunday and it ... was ... painful. I went late morning and the combination of the heat, humidity and going too far pretty much kicked my ass. All the people driving down Bellaire Circle were saying, "Isn't that interesting ... look at the fat guy having a heart attack in that stranger's yard." When I get home, my wife was appropriately exasperated. "You don't do anything in moderation, do you?" That's not how I roll, baby.

This morning's cruise along the Trinity Trail was better -- cooler, flatter and no sun. Anyway, it's a start. I'll keep you posted.

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