Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Trinity Trees' Biggest Supporter ....

... in the District 9 race is ... Juan Rangel?!?


I got the above mailer today from the Juan Rangel campaign, and I am just gobsmacked. "Juan Rangel has the only proposal -- a six-month moratorium on drilling within 1,000 feet of the Trinity River -- that would protect the river, the Trinity Trees and the families that use the Trinity Trails. So I'm for Juan." Melissa Kohout.

Wow, that would be really impressive if it were true.

Unfortunately, it's not. If you follow the link, you will read Bernie's proposal for a new gas drilling ordinance for Fort Worth. You will also see a picture of Bernie speaking AT the Trinity Trees picnic, which Juan Rangel did NOT attend. Hell, Juan, even Chris Turner showed up for that one.

On Oct. 4, Bernie proposed a new gas drilling ordinance for Fort Worth that would impose a moratorium on all urban gas drilling until studies have been conducted to determine environmental impact as well as the impact on quality of life and safety in neighborhoods where drilling has already begun. Last time I checked, the Trinity River did flow through Fort Worth.

Furthermore, Bernie's proposal would increase the minimum set back of drill sites to one mile from homes, parks, schools and hospitals, and ban high-impact variances to the set back distance. Last time I checked, one mile was a greater distance than 1,000 feet.

I'm disappointed that Juan used the Trinity Trees mailing list for this purpose. And I'm also disappointed that Juan is coming late to the party and playing fast and loose with the facts on this one. I guess Juan is worried about the endorsement of Bernie Scheffler from the most prominent opponents of urban gas drilling, FW Can Do.

At this time, we need leaders, not politicians. Vote for a leader on this issue on Tuesday. Vote for Bernie Scheffler.

UPDATE:, 11.3.07: "Rangel 'Trees' flier sparks controversy" in the Star-Telegram: Mike Lee writes: "The Trinity Trees petition organizers haven't endorsed anyone, said Jim Marshall, one of the group's founders. And he's a little miffed that Rangel got hold of the petition drive's mailing list. 'Trinity Trees is an organization of people who agreed on that one issue -- we did not endorse any candidate for District 9,' said Marshall, who helped organize the petition drive." I agree with Jim 100 percent -- I don't think the organization should endorse any candidate. I also think that using the mailing list and the issue in this way was inappropriate.


El Vez said...
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Anonymous said...

At least he is on the right side of this issue, lighten up

El Vez said...

. . . but you have a point. After reading your stuff about Bernie, maybe Juan's mailer could have said "one of the best proposals about urban drilling" instead of "the only." But I don't think Bernie has a chance and I think Juan has spent his career standing up to the establishment, so I believe he will stand up to the establishment on drilling.

Hasta la pasta!

Don Young said...

Let there be no doubt that I, and FWCanDo as an organization, support the candidacy of Bernie Scheffler. To echo my earlier posting on this blog, Bernie is the only District 9 candidate who goes far enough to make a significant difference on THE issue of our times. Safe urban gas drilling is a myth that is being exposed daily.

One lesson I have learned well in this gas drilling game is that, we don't need any more middle-of-the-road politicians making backroom deals with the Barnett Shale Mafia that do little or nothing to protect the greater good. It gladdens my heart that Bernie is bold enough to speak truth to power, corruption and greed.

To quote Virgil, "Fortune favors the bold."


El Vez said...

Hey. Why did you censor my previous comment? I had a very thoughtful response to this post and the Caravan of Dreams blogger deleted it. Did you go to the same communications school as Joel Burns? That is the problem with you bloggers. When someone makes a good point that you don't agree with, you turn into Rush Limbaugh and censor it.

You shouldn't complain about a candidate wanting to communicate with the signers of the Trinity Trees petition. I'm glad Juan wants to communicate with those who signed the Trinity Trees petition. That's the way democracy works. Juan is a heck of a lot better on gas drilling than Joel, Turner or Beckman.

You just an insecure self centered white guy who doesn't want a diologue.

Bernie said...

el vez quote: "You just an insecure self centered
white guy"

Wow... name calling and racial overtones! Way to make your candidate look good, el vez!

El Vez said...

Well, Bernie, do you approve of censorship like the Caravan of Dreams blogger engaged in?

After all, he is your supporter.

If you are going to criticize me, then you should criticize his censorship too!

Steve-O said...

El Vez:

Insecure? Absolutely.

Self Centered? It's all about me.

White guy? I can't do anything about that. That's how I was born.

Here is the comment I deleted. My issue is not the difference of opinion, my issue is this line right here:

"Peeps who signed the Trinity Trees petition and went to the picnic are supporting Juan."

That's just not true. Don Young and Bernie and many others have been working hard on this issue. Juan has issued a press release for the sake of political expediency.

My problem isn't (or at least wasn't) the candidate, my problem is the facts. Also, have a little backbone. Anyone can make an anonymous comment. Back it up with an e-mail address.

El Vez's comment:

Juan ain't late to the party. Check out

Also, what's wrong with using addresses from a publicly filed petition to inform people about a candidates position related to the issue? Would you rather the folks who are interested in opposing gas drilling not be contacted by a candidate who wants to respond to their concerns? I'm glad Juan has listen to those who signed the Trinity Trees petition and is actively seeking their votes. That's how Democracy should work.

Bernie has been a positive voice against urban gas drilling, but so has Juan. Bernie really hasn't been able to communicate with voters except at forums. Juan has actually sent out a mailer stating his position on gas drilling. Juan has been much more of an advocate against the dangers of drilling than Joel, Turner or Beckman. Juan has actually had the FWISD take action at FWISD to put protections in place for schools. This appears to be the second mailer of Juan's on the issue of drilling.

Peeps who signed the Trinity Trees petition and went to the picnic are supporting Juan.

Just because Juan isn't your candidate doesn't mean that others who have taken action to oppose drilling have to agree with you.

El Vez said...

Well, the two people who are quoted on Juan's post card that you criticize helped organize the Trinity Trees picnic and spoke at the picnic. So peeps "who signed the Trinity Trees petition and went to the picnic are supporting Juan." There is nothing untrue about that statement.

That is the truth, Ruth.

And sorry about the insecure white guy comment. I didn't count to ten when got mad about being censored by you.

And thanks for putting my post back up after you censored it. It's better to respond with more speech than to censor speech.

Bernie said...

I can tell you El Vez, my problem with the mailer is this:

It was deliberately made to look like it came from the Trinity Trees Coalition, when it most definitely did not.

Jim Marshall and Rick Collins, leaders of the Trinity Trees Coalition, were not involved in this mailer in any way. In fact, they are unhappy that it was made to look like it came from them.

Steve-O said...

I was offended by your comment El Vez. But don't worry, I won't ask the Justice Department to investigate.

I want to discuss the issues based on facts. The facts are that the mailer was designed to look like it came from the Trinity Trees organization. It does not.

Don Young, a prominent supporter of the Trinity Trees, supports Bernie. Jim Marshall and Rick Collins, two of the Trinity Trees founders, do not endorse Juan Rangel or any candidate at this time.

Liann and Melissa are free to endorse any candidate they wish. But those two people does not "all the peeps" make.

And that, sir, is the truth.

Anonymous said...

el vez,

Insecure white guy? Geez, racist much?