Thursday, November 01, 2007

Joel Burns Campaign Continues Pushing It

Was a Joel Burns campaign supporter stalking Juan Rangel? Rangel was certainly freaked out by it, but Burns said his supporter was acting on his own. "I had nothing to do with this," Burns told the Startlegram.

Unfortunately, this incident fits a pattern of campaigning from Burns. Will the voters notice? We'll find out on Tuesday.


Bernie said...
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Bernie said...

I know Randy, and I find it plausible that he did this on his own, w/o the instruction of the Burns campaign. He's savvy politically, and if he thought he saw some injustice, he could very probably take it upon himself to gather some evidence. That's not to say it's impossible that Joel was involved; I just don't see any evidence here.

And the question Mr. Dukes has is a valid one: Is Juan using his position as a school trustee to unfairly influence an election?

I haven't seen Juan cross the line in my mind yet, but he's been close to it.

I think philosophically speaking, Juan and I are very close, but I have one question to pose to him and all voters:

If Juan is so committed to be a city council person, why didn't he resign as a school trustee before running? That simple act would have eliminated any possiblity of his being accused of impropriety related to his school position.

Instead it only leaves me with two possible conclusions: 1. he isn't confident he can win, and wants his school job to fall back on, or 2. he wanted to use his school position to influence the election.

This is just my perception from the outside... I am NOT accusing Juan of anything. Just observing.

Bernie said...

After re-reading my comment above, I just want to reiterate that I don't see any evidence in the above story that either candidate in the story is misbehaving... but I do think that they both are walking the line, and are very close to practices that are unethical.

Anton said...

I was given the address of your blog by a woman who does marketing for various natural gas companies working in the Barnett Shale. I realize that by commenting here, I'm also giving her my blog, but I just wanted to say that it comforts me to know that there are other conservationists who are concerned for the future of Fort Worth, and taking steps to protect it. I'm looking forward to being a reader.

soccer milf said...

Let me get this straight. This guy was video taping at a school. If my kid went to that school and I saw him video taping, I would be very worried. This video guy needs to get a life and not be a creep at an elementary school.