Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TCU Gas Drilling Site Receives Permits

The first TCU gas wells have received permits from the Texas Railroad Commission. The wells, TCU Well No. 1H, TCU Well No. 3H and TCU Well No. 5H received permits on Nov. 16.

It is unclear if a high impact variance will be required. According to the city's gas drilling ordinance, a high impact permit is required if the well is within 600 feet of a residence, religious institution, public building, hospital, school, or public park. There are many houses north of Cantey that appear to be within the 600 perimeter, but no request for a variance has been submitted, the city's Engineering Services Office told me this morning. And that red dot? That's the main reason I care. Gas drilling is not without some risk, and that red dot is Alice Carlson Elementary School. My daughter goes to school there.

All high impact permits, without a waiver from the protected use property owners, must be approved by the city council after a public hearing. At the hearing, the city council may consider whether the natural gas drilling would conflict with the orderly growth of the city, whether there are other alternative sites, access for fire personnel and equipment and the recommendations of the gas inspector. The city council may accept, reject or modify the application.

If the gas well is located greater than 600 feet but less than 1,000 feet from a residence, religious institution, public building, hospital, school or a public park, the well is classified as an urban permit. No public hearing is required, however, the city told me that as a courtesy, they will inform the school board if a school is within 1,200 feet. Whether or not that means there will be a hearing remains unclear.

Stay tuned.


TXsharon said...

Louisiana learned the hard way. Now they are making better plans.

"BATON ROUGE -- The natural gas well fire that has Interstate 10 leading into the Capital City closed for another two weeks prompts a state official to declare a moratorium on drilling oil and gas wells within a quarter-mile of an interstate highway."


Schools should receive, at least, the same consideration that a highway receives.

texfana said...

our children are at carlson also and we do not like the proximity of the wells either. please keep us posted on updates. I enjoy your blog and have noticed we share several interests, especially Alice Carlson. We'll have to meet at school sometime!

Steve-O said...

The following comment was e-mailed to me from Don Young:

According to Ed Ireland of the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council (BSEEC) in the December edition of the FW Chamberletter, the probability of a blowout is ZERO. It must be pointed out that Ed is not a geologist. He IS a salesman for the Barnett Shale Mafia. His organization was founded by the BS Mafia at the behest of Mayor Mike Moncrief who has made millions of dollars from investments in the same companies that founded the BSEEC. Coincidentally, I attended a panel discussion last night and heard a rep. from Devon Energy say that there is ZERO probability that radioactive material (NORM), a by-product of gas drilling, will harm the public or the environment. Keep in mind that the panelsit is NOT a physicist. He IS a salesman for Devon Energy which is a founding member and major contributor to the BSEEC. Finally, the deal for TCU gas wells was made with the owner of Four Sevens Operating who graduated from TCU and just happens to be buddies with Mayor Mike Moncrief. DY

TXsharon said...

Fort Worth like Wise County is lost.