Sunday, August 26, 2007

Remembering 1977

I don't usually recommend anyone read a Jim Reeves column, but his column today got me thinking about Frank Lucchesi, the former Rangers manager whose claim to fame was being coldcocked by Lenny Randle.

Back in 1977, I was a huge Rangers fan. In fact, I liked the Rangers about as much as I liked Star Wars. Dad would take my brother and me out to the old Arlington Stadium when he would get the company seats from John Deere. We would sit about 15 rows behind the Rangers dugout. One evening before the game, I saw Frank Lucchesi standing by the fence near the dugout. I took my little notepad and ballpoint pen down to get an autograph. One of Arlington's finest tried to turn me away because it was too close to gametime. "No autographs after 7:05," he said. "It's OK," Frank said, and signed my notepad. "Frank Lucchesi, 7:05." I thought that was pretty cool. Thanks for the autograph, Frank. I appreciate it.

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