Saturday, August 18, 2007

Friday at The Wreck

Joined Ken and Kat at The Wreck last night to see Liquid Bounce and PPT.

As they say, PPT is kind of a big deal. They went big time last year when their song “Rowdy, Loud, and Proud” won a popular vote contest to become the Dallas Mavericks’ fight song. More recently, like this week recent, PPT won best hip-hop act at the Dallas Observer Music Awards. I don't see a lot of live hip hop, but I do like to see good live music, so the chance to drink a beer with Ken and see what the PPT was about was enough to get me off the couch at 10 on a Friday night.

And the PPT didn't disappoint. When you see band that's got "it", you just kind of know it. Some bands have that extra gear and PPT is one of those bands. Pikahso, Picnic and Fort Worth's own Tahiti rocked my ass. I put my hands in the air and I would have put my cell phone up, too, except people would just wonder why that guy was holding a walkie-talkie. And when PPT covered the old Romantics' song "Talking In Your Sleep," I was intrigued by the fact that everyone over age 30 seemed to know the words. They finished up with this guy I see at Starbucks join them on stage. Oh, yeah, that's Corey Watson from Black Tie Dynasty, another big winner at the DOMAs this week. A great night. My rating: A big hell ye-aahh. For Ken's take, check it out here. And that's Kat's picture above. See all of Friday's photos (and more) on her blog.

Other random observations: I liked the Liquid Bounce as well. Lead singer/sax/keyboard guy Kevin has some serious chops. ... Ken pretty much knows everybody. Ever thought about running for mayor?

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