Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dennis Kucinich for President

I'm not sure that this country is ready for a president named Dennis, but teh interweb quiz told me to vote for him, so here I am. Here's how I scored on the quiz: Kucinich 45, Gravel 38, Obama 26, Edwards 25, Richardson 23, Clinton 23, Biden 18, Dodd 17, Paul 3, McCain -9, Cox -16, Thompson -20, Huckabee -25, Giuliani -26, Brownback -41, Romney -41, Hunter -41, Tancredo -42.

As Paul pointed out to me when he sent me this quiz, some issues (campaign finance reform, earmarks in legislation, and investment in alternative energy, for example) aren't mentioned as issues of interest. An excellent point. But I am still wondering who the hell Gravel is? Am I that much of a wackjob that I identify with candidates no one has ever heard of?


Pete said...

I scored Kucinich 77 and Gravel 61, although I think Gravel has the moxie to actually make a run for it - unfortunately Kucinich just looks too mousy. That and I don't trust people from The Mistake on The Lake.

Gravel was a Senator from Alaska. He was on Diane Rhem this morning, and I liked nearly everything he had to say, even if I didn't always like how he phrased it.

Steve-O said...

People from Ohio burn couches. Truth be told, I'm probably looking at Obama or Edwards. But who knows, I might just vote for Kinky Friedman again.

LPJ said...

Gravel is best known for having entered the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record and for playing a major role in ending the draft. He had a few great highlights in the Democratic debates, but his greatest moment is this awesome, Buñuel-esque video clip. This man wants your full attention.

He and Kucinich are the least slick and most passionate of the candidates. Those who are interested should check out Gravel's YouTube channel. He includes some great clips of his commonsensical retorts to other Democratic candidates during the debates.

Pete said...

Careful now; I'm from Ohio. Speaking of which; I almost posted that your guy Mack is probably releived that he doesn't have to face the Buckeyes again, that's why he's got that big 'ole grin on him there at Joe T.'s while he's signing your firstborn along with everything else you handed him... :D

As for the election; I'm leaning toward Edwards. (I'm a sucker for populsim, especially when it comes from a millionaire lawyer.) Hillary is just too polarizing. I think a fence sitting southerner/Ohioan is more likely to vote for a black man with a funny name than any woman, and particularly a woman named Clinton. I don't hate Hillary, but I really don't like that she hasn't made an effort to differentiate herself from the rest of the pack, or some of her Republican colleagues, for that matter. (Please note for the record that I DO NOT think that women are incapable of being President; in fact, I think that Hillary probably would be a good President, I just don't think she can get elected.)

Steve-O said...

Pete, I hope you're not mad about the people from Ohio burn couches comment. I know a lot of Ohioans and only half of them have ever burned a couch. ;)

If I had to vote today, I'd probably vote for Obama. But, like Tina Fey once said, I'm not sure that America is ready for the cool black guy who smokes and once did blow. Therefore, since we live in Texas and voting for a Democrat is basically throwing your vote away, I might be convinced to vote for Ron Paul, just to be contrary.