Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Around Fort Worth

  • Smoking Ban Vote: After 18 months of debate, the Fort Worth City Council is scheduled to vote today on whether to extend the ban on public smoking. The council first discussed the changes in February 2006 and appointed a committee of business owners and public-health groups to come up with a recommendation. The committee suggested a widespread ban, including all restaurants and bars. City Council members balked at that, and City Manager Charles Boswell recommended allowing smoking in bars to avoid driving business out of Fort Worth. UPDATE: Council votes 7-2 to ban smoking in restaurants beginning in January, but the ordinance approved Tuesday still allows smoking in bars and bingo halls.

  • Vote Bernie Moment: Bernie posted this comment from a recent J.R. Labbe column in the Startlegram: "The last tear from Davis' emotional speech in front of the council hadn't dried upon her cheek before bicycle shop owner Bernie Scheffler, who ran against her just three months ago, had "elect me" signs in his yard." In the words of Fat Tony, it's funny because it's true."

  • Don't Sign: Pete had this post today: "If you live in any of the 10 neighborhoods in or around Ryan Place, PLEASE do yourself a favor and don’t sign anything you get from a drilling company until you check with your neighborhood association! I know that Ryan Place has an excellent team of concerned citizens working very hard to ensure that we get the best deal financially and the one that least impacts our quality of life." I know there was a Ryan Place neighborhood meeting regarding the leases last night. If someone has an update, please let me know.

  • Streetcar! Kevin at FortWorthology makes a (convincing) pitch for a downtown streetcar system.

  • On The Lighter Side: I'm glad to see I'm not the only one challenged by the siren song of the taqueria -- but I do not know this Taqueria San Luis. I must investigate -- after September 15.
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