Thursday, October 04, 2007

Light Rail in Fort Worth: Bring It

Dan McGraw's FWWeekly story on light rail got me all tingley this morning because it looks like light rail is back on the table at City Hall after being shelved in 2001.

Sayeth Dan: "Next week, the Fort Worth Central City Redevelopment Committee, which deals with issues relating to downtown development and infrastructure, will recommend the city invest in urban light rail. The panel wants Fort Worth to build four 'ultra-light-rail' lines, trains that would run on rails built into the street and powered by overhead electric lines. And because the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (“The T”) has problems finding the money for such projects, the committee wants the city to study ways to pay for the system itself, and then turn over operations to The T once the lines are up and running.

"The four lines recommended would stretch to all areas of the inner city. One would go out West 7th Street to the Cultural District and use Farrington Field as a park-and-ride hub. A second line would link the Hospital District with downtown, and another would go out North Main Street to the Stockyards area. The fourth line would go through the Evans/Rosedale area, ending at Texas Wesleyan University."

Funny, we just talked about this in a recent podcast. Behold the power of the the Fort Worth Blog Cabal!

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Pete said...

D00d! Our power was in our secrecy! Oh well. Now that it's out in the open, long live The Cabal!