Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fort Worth's Newest Blog: West and Clear

I am proud to announce the birth of a new Fort Worth blog -- West and Clear.

What is West and Clear? It's the voice of the new Fort Worth.

Fort Worth is changing. We are not so much of a cow town anymore. We are wired. We are interested in how this city is changing. That why we came up with this new blog.

And who is this "we"? Those guys would be The Bastard Sons of Amon Carter, also known as:

  • Kevin Buchanan from Fort Worthology

  • Pete Wann from Cowtown Chronicles

  • Bernie Scheffler from Vote Bernie! and the Panther City Bikes blog.

  • Pete Geniella from 1/3 Stop Vignette

  • Me, Steve. You know me and where I blog.

  • And what about that name?

    In 1849, the United States Army set up a strategic camp near the confluence of the West and Clear forks of the Trinity River. This location proved unwise; sitting as it was between the two forks, the camp was soon wiped out by a flood. Out of respect for the occasional violence of the river, the camp was subsequently moved up to the bluff overlooking the Trinity forks and fortified. This bluff became the present-day north end of downtown Fort Worth.

    Today, the Trinity River runs through the heart of this great city. The great Texas writer John Graves once wrote that a whole river is too much to comprehend, but you can understand a piece of a river. A piece of a river has meaning. This piece of the Trinity–€“where the West and the Clear forks become one–has meaning to us.

    So pull up a chair and crack open a cold Rahr beer. Stay and surf awhile. We love Fort Worth, and want to tell you why. Join us as we seek to understand our piece of the river.

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    LPJ said...

    Scrizzub-scribed, suckas! I look forward to reading this mega-blog soon, and I dig the page design ... Steve, from what I can see, you're sort of the Bob Woodward of the group. Or maybe, more appropriately, the Greg Palast of the group. Cool.