Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Front Line

When I saw the headline "Bhutto Assassinated," my heart sank. As if things we're going bad enough in an unstable country full of Islamic militants and nuclear weapons. Then I saw the photo of the blast above by my old UT classmate John Moore who I have written about before. My God, the danger.

John's a father and a husband, an all-around great guy who happens to have a job that takes him into harm's way on a regular basis so we Americans can see what is going on in the world. Thanks for your work, John. Please be safe.

UPDATE, 12.28.07: Listen to an interview with John on the NYT Web site.


Anton said...

Good gravy, is that "the" blast? Jeez, that's terrifying. It's a sad day for democracy.

Bernie said...

This is horrible stuff. I noticed Mr. Moore is on the news tonight w/ the last photo of Bhutto alive; he witnessed the assassination. Godspeed, John Moore.

Anton said...

Here is a New York Times slide show with John Moore's voice over talking about the shooting and bombing. This guy has nerves of steel.