Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bernie Scheffler Endorses Joel Burns

Bernie Scheffler announced yesterday on his campaign blog that he is endorsing Joel Burns in the District 9 City Council race.

Bernie wrote: "I've had a chance to meet with both candidates to discuss their plans for the city, and their positions on what I consider to be the most important issues facing us today.

"I've also taken into consideration the manner in which their campaigns have been run, as I believe now more than ever Fort Worth needs positive leadership. Since the URL dust-up, Joel has changed the tone of his campaign. He has stayed positive and started talking about real issues. Juan's campaign has continued with negative tactics (like comparing a fellow democrat to Karl Rove in a mailer).

"So, dear friends, I'm announcing today that I will cast my vote for Joel Burns on December 18.

"Again, this was not an easy decision; both candidates have actively sought my support, and both have their merits. However, I feel that Joel will be a more effective leader at city hall. It's also important to note that Juan already has an elected position with the Fort Worth ISD, a district that still very much needs his progressive leadership.

"I can tell you that I would not have endorsed Joel Burns if he had not given me good answers about his position on urban gas drilling. This is the most pressing issue facing our district, and we need someone in office who can advocate changes to the current system."

Early voting starts Monday, and runoff election day is December 18. Even if you didn't vote on Nov. 6, you can participate in the runoff.

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