Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wendell Baker Story Update

Not that I'm really on fire about all this, but the Dallas premiere of The Wilson Brothers' movie The Wendell Baker Story was held at the Inwood last night. Other than that, I got nuthin 'cept this. You can get some video on the D(a)MN site (right), but it crashes my Safari browser, so good luck there. Also you can check out Frontburner buzz-fest. Ands last but not least, a little bit of real news: Luke Wilson sez the Dallas movie seems to be dead.


Anonymous said...

Here are the pics from the premier at The Inwood Monday night: http://www.hudsonphotographic.org/AFIDallas/WilsonBrothers/index.html

Here are all the AFI Photos: http://www.hudsonphotographic.org/AFIDallas/AFIDallasPhotos.htm

John Hudson
Hudson Photographic
Studio: 972-691-3555
Fax: 972-212-7138


Steve-O said...

Thanks, John!

I gotta say, Harry Dean Stanton looks goddamn frightening!