Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Rain Came Down

It rained today, which may seem unremarkable, but it's not. It's been months it seems since we've seen rain and the whole state is a giant tinderbox. Wildfires have raged across the state. In fact, one day several weeks ago, a mammoth fire burned out west near Wichita Falls and burned up nearly 20,000 acres and several small towns. Ash rained down like snow flurries that day in Fort Worth.

But today it rained and people talked about it like they had never seen it before. People went and stood in it. People smiled. Even though it turned cold and the rain went on all night and most of the day in a long steady soak, no one minded.

I was going to write about my trip to the Stock Show, another Fort Worth institution, but I was just so pleased about the weather that I didn't want the day to pass without commenting on it.

It rained today. Thank you, God.

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