Monday, January 09, 2006

Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne made the following observation in his year-end column when sifting through letters from irate conservative readers:

“A reader from San Diego offered a view that was repeated in many different forms: ``Most liberals and some Democrats hate this president and will do anything to bring him down, including siding with terrorists against the president.

''And here is where I start worrying about our national mood. I don't mind being assailed myself -- even by a theologically minded reader who called me a ‘badly catechized Catholic.’ (Blame me, not the nuns and priests who taught me!) But when big chunks of the country begin to view their political adversaries as something close to traitors, we have arrived at a very dangerous time. For this badly catechized Catholic, it's a reason to pray hard for something better next year.”

That sounds pretty accurate to me. So many people in our nation believe that failure to side with Dubya on little things like habeas corpus and wiretapping are the moral equivalent of tucking Osama bin Laden into your guestroom with milk and cookies and copy of The Anarchist’s Cookbook.

Like this guy. But if flawed logic weren’t bad enough, check out this downright stupid metaphor:
“For some liberals, E.J. Dionne notwithstanding, it follows that they must do nearly anything to bring the Republicans and their president down, and that accomplishing this constitutes a higher priority than combating terrorism.

“Many modern liberals seem unable to say what kind of country they live in. Most of the time, they speak as if they inhabit Frank Capra's Bedford Falls--a dull, nosy, and somewhat puritanical, but basically decent place where George Bailey and the forces of good fight to a stalemate with Mr. Potter and the forces of evil.

“Deep down, though, they fear they live in Pottersville, minus the fun. The defense of Bedford Falls, for all of its flaws, would be a top priority; the primacy of defending Pottersville is less apparent.”

I mean, what the fuck? Did Mr. Gower blow up the World Trade Center? Did I miss that?

Let’s make it clear. I’m not fan of W, but let there be no mistake: I do not like terrorists. I fact, I think they suck. Wanna drop some bombs on ‘em? Great. Do it. Spend my tax dollars to do it. I’m happy to help. But here’s a hint: try Pakistan. Specifically up in the Northwest Tribal areas of Waziristan. He’s probably in a cave. He’s the 6-5 foot Arab dragging the dialysis machine and the AK.

Now go get him.

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